¿What is Guayusa?

It is considered a natural energizer that has traditionally been consumed for years by indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The Guayusa

It is a tree originally from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Traditionally, it has been consumed for hundreds of years by indigenous communities due to its stimulating and energizing results on people, lacking adverse effects from daily consumption. It is consumed as a tea to promote a natural source of energy and to connect with Pachamama. It has many nutritional benefits such as: caffeine, antioxidants (twice as much as green tea), vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help to reduce stress, decrease blood sugar levels, stay relaxed and in a state of focus. Ecuador is the largest producer of Guayusa in the world.


Healthy caffeine

Keeps you awake
Prolonged energy
Activates your mind

Stay young and active


Prevents oxidative stress

Protection against cell damage

Weight loss

Chlorogenic acids

Increase your metabolism

Regulates blood sugar

Improves mood and concentration



Increased blood flow

Positive mood

Good digestion

Relieves stomach acid

Helps with gastrointestinal upset

Mild and fresh taste

It's not bitter
Light and pleasant taste

Guayusa is excellent for giving energy throughout the day, without causing the side effects of traditional coffee. It is valued for its energetic power, since stimulates brain functions and alertness, due to its caffeine content (without altering the nervous system).

Unlike coffee, the effects of guayusa are released in the body in a gradual and prolonged manner.

It also has multiple antioxidants that fight free radicals, prevents premature aging, can help cardiovascular health, regulate weight and hypertension, and also gets blood circulation going.

3 % caffeine.

Vitamins C and D.

Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and potassium.

Chlorogenic acids.

Amino acids.


Contributes to improve mood and concentration, helps stabilize blood sugar levels, fights oxidative stress.

Contains stimulants such as the alkaloid methylxanthine, theophylline, theobromine (also found in dark chocolate).

¿How to consume Guayusa?

Traditionally, guayusa is consumed by making a tea infusion. However, today there are people consuming it in foods, extracts, capsules, powder, alcoholic beverages, among others.

In Guamatí we have thought of a simple, portable, and convenient way to consume Guayusa so that our customers can take their tea everywhere.

That is why we offer glass bottles with infusers, thermal pots (It is taken like yerba mate in Argentina) and soon new accessories that will help you consume Guayusa quickly and wherever you want.

Guamatí thermos 0.5L with infuser

0.5L thermos with double layer of resistant glass with infuser filter to prepare tea.

Matero Guamatí White 12oz

12 oz white thermal pot
to prepare hot tea.