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We have different presentations where Guayusa is the main raw material in all our products, and to give it a more diverse flavor, we have different blends that allow us to experience new flavors and benefits.

Our accessories will help you consume our products in a simpler, more casual and portable way.

¿What is Guayusa?

The Guayusa is a tree originally from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Traditionally it has been consumed for hundreds of years by indigenous communities due to its stimulating and energizing effects, lacking adverse effects from daily consumption. It is consumed as a tea to promote a natural source of energy and to connect with Pachamama. It has many benefits…

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Our History

Guamatí came up from a roadtrip through the Ecuadorian Amazon where we were able to observe large quantities of guayusa together with indigenous communities that consumed this medicinal plant in their daily routine.

We learned that this plant provides many benefits for people. Traditionally our ancestors consumed this plant to provide them with energy during hunting times. This prompted us to continue with the ancestral tradition and led us to develop a business model to help people have a better quality of life.

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La Villa Foodie Market

Av. del Bombero, Edificio Ceibos Center

Huerto de Luchi - The Fresh Market

Urdesa, Guayacanes 303 y la 3era.

Glow Market

Jardines Plaza, Sector Ciudad Celeste.

La Maria Orgánica

Urdesa, Av. Circunvalación Sur y Laureles #1117A

Orígenes Healthy Market

Km. 9.8 Via a la Costa, C.C. Del Portal

La Molienda Sambo

Km 10,5 via Samborondon, pasando Urb. Fuentes del Rio (Entrando al Hipódromo)

World of Coffee

La Piazza, Samborondón

Urban Market

Plaza Lagos Town Center, Samborondón

Central Market

Km 2.5 Central Park Local X, Samborondón

Raíces Fresh Market

Av. Principal Entre Ríos, Samborondón

Wellness Evolution

Edificio Xima Piso 4 Of. 422, Samborondón


Supermercados Olivo

Francisco Sojo entre Luis Moreno y Av. Paucarbamba


All Green Shop

Sucre 10-11 y Pasaje Rodo


Lemongrass Biomarket

Av. de los Granados y Shuar

Eduardo Whymper N28-18 y Av. Orellana


Urabá Plaza

El Market Express

Francisco de Orellana 255, Plaza Tajamar

Organika Spot

Tobar Donoso s/n y Patricio Romero, Puembo


El Pueblo Market

Segundo Rosales esquina, Montañita 241754

San Cristobal Galapagos

OrganiK Galápagos

Hernan Melville e Ignacio Hernandez, Isla San Cristobal

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